Our bathing room has a raised bathing area so you don't have to bend over. Big enough for even large breed dogs, it doesn't get much easier than this! We provide a variety of top quality shampoos and conditioners to meet all of your needs (Make sure to try "The Stuff" - your dog will never be softer!) as well as plenty of towels. Reserve our bathing room for only $12 per session - or enjoy it discounted with your full or basic memberships!

In order to best foster a true community spirit we are membership based. Most of our events and activities are for members only, though there will be certain ones open to the general public. Most classes will be open to the public with discounts for members.

For health and safety reasons, off leash play in the dog room is for members only and we require everyone to go through an orientation about safe play, have proof of up to date vaccinations on file, and may require them to begin by attending trainer supervised play dates. Most classes and some events will be open to the public with proof of required vaccinations.

Membership at the F A C C

Are you interested in the science behind animal training?  Would you like to learn more about dog/animal body language? Would you like to improve your relationships with your pets? Would you like to teach them more, and do more activities with them? We will offer regular "geek movie nights" to view the sorts of videos that professional trainers watch to earn CEUs, with discussions guided by our CPDT-KA certified trainers. We will also have fun events that will build your relationship with your dog (and possibly other animals), as well as improving their focus, consistency, and generalization skills.

For both

For dogs we have a custom designed play area, bathing room, events, and education opportunities. We will also be offering doggy birthday parties and puppy and kitten showers by June.

For other species, we hope to have a kitten kindergarten curriculum by the time spring kitten season hits and we would be happy to set up clubs for other species too. Anyone have hedgehogs, ferrets, rabbits, or any other pet you're passionate about? Let us know! We can also create a training program for non-dog species if there is interest. Last year our head trainer ran a chicken training program that was a real hit!

For pets

When people ask me what our community center is about, I tend to put it this way: If you tell someone you've been up all night because of your dog, half the people ask "Why didn't you put it in another room?" and the other half ask "Oh, is he ok?". The FACC is for the second group! We are a community of people who recognize that fur family is important to us. We currently have a dog focus, with an indoor play area and dog focused events and education, but we are open to other species events if there is interest. That doesn't mean everything in our community revolves around our pets - just like not everything in our life should. We will also have events for people that interest our community members - sewing and crafts, travel, education on any topic that people want to teach or learn, cooking and baking, and anything someone wants to introduce! We are a true community with varied interests but common values and goals - learning, teaching, growing, sharing, caring, and family - both human and fur.

What is the Francis Avenue Community Center?

Our custom bathing area makes it easy  to keep your dog clean!

While we love time with our pets, humans want to have a little "us" time too! The center provides for that. Our members have diverse interests that we love to share, from crafting and sewing, to art, cooking, travel, and so much more. All of these things are even more fun when done together so we have regular events on a rotating schedule, that way everyone can try them.

We also have our Community Classroom program where you can become the teacher! We all have special skills and knowledge, and this is the chance to share them with others who want to learn. Maybe you have traveled somewhere and want to share your trip? Possibly you could teach us a new craft, home repair, or life skill? Maybe you know how to can fruit, are a history buff, or are passionate about gardening? Anything you love, we want to learn! Community Classroom will start as a monthly program but could be expanded - let the staff know if you would like to be a teacher.

For people

What do we offer?

The place for people with pets!

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