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Francis Avenue Community Center

1007 W Francis Avenue  Spokane, WA
(509) 315-5135

Welcome to Brush Up Training!

Brush Up Training is our brand new training program!

Heather Brush - who you may have spoken with over the past 11+ years at one of our local north Spokane pet stores - is now offering many different kinds of classes at our center. Contact the center to find out more information about dates and times!

​      Check out our website at

    for the full list of classes and times!

Traditional Classes:

Basics (6 weeks) - $99
     This is the class for dogs of all ages to begin basic skills. If we have enough interest at each start, we will break it into Puppy (5 months and under) and Adult (5 months and up) groups. We will cover sit, stay, down, coming when called, take it/trade, leave it, and leash skills. We will also deal with basic problem behaviors and common challenges.

Clicker (6 weeks) - $99
($10 off if you took Basics with us)
     Our Clicker Class introduces you to the concept of clicker training which will help you to improve your training skills and speed up the training process in future classes. We will learn an assortment of tricks, including shake and wave, spin, bow, and roll over. We will include helpful behaviors such as targeting, back-up, go to a place, clicking to improve leash skills, and more. We can also add requested tricks or behaviors to the curriculum!

Beyond Basics (6 weeks) - $99
($10 off if you took Basics or Clicker with us)
     Ready to move to the next step? In beyond basics we will learn to wait at doors, heel, and improve our focus. Distractions will be gradually added to current behaviors and we will begin to prep for the CGC test.

CGC Prep (6 weeks) - $99
($10 off if you took Beyond Basics with us)
     This class is focused on learning what is expected for the CGC test and working towards passing it. One free testing session is included in the class. Work outside of class will be required to pass the test and additional off site sessions for group practice may be available at an additional cost.


S.T.A.R. Puppy (2 weeks) - $15, $12 for members
     We know your puppy (any dog 1 year or under) is a star, now you can prove it! The AKC STAR puppy program shows that your pup has all the right pre-CGC behaviors. This 20 part test includes owner behaviors and puppy ones. The good news is that if you attend one of our basics classes you will have them covered. This 2 week class covers what is expected (week one) and suggestions for improvements, if needed. The second week we will take the test. Depending on the needs of the group classes may not be consecutive weeks.

CGC Test - $15, $12 for members
     For those who just want to take (or re-take) the test

CGC Community Canine (4 week class)
     This test is brand new to to the AKC. It is basically the CGC test in a real world environment. If you have been practicing in busy areas you might already be most of the way to passing this. We will go over the expectations

Just for fun:

Pooch Parkour, Intro (4 weeks, 45 min classes) - $59
($10 off if you've taken any 6 week class with us)
(Basic skills required)
     Want to increase your pooch's coordination and confidence? Come join us! We will use agility equipment to do this and have fun. We will play with hoops, tunnels, weave poles, a low dog walk, and more. If your dog weighs more than 85lbs please check with us before signing up. Maximum 4 dogs, so sign up early!

Pooch Parkour, More Challenges (4 weeks, 45 min classes) - $59
(Intro required, $10 off if you've taken the Parkour Intro)
     Have you mastered our intro? We will move on to the big teeter totter, A frame, chute, and other, more advanced, equipment. Maximum 4 dogs, so sign up early!