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This spring/summer we will be offering 2 classes, From Fleece to Fashion and Spinning Fluffy.

-Fleece to Fashion will be a 4 part (1 each month so you have time to finish) long course that takes freshly sheered sheep (or other?) fleeces through the process of cleaning, carding, spinning, plying, and finally into a weaving and/or knitting project. It's an amazing feeling to participate in every step of a process most people never see. This will be a very beginner level course designed for someone who has never tried this (or even considered it!) before.

-In Spinning Fluffy we will be learning to spin our own dog's fur. This course will will be offered after Fleece to Fashion so that you will be able to learn how to spin with fiber that is hopefully a bit more forgiving than most dog fur is.

If you would like to join us for Spinning Fluffy, I recommend that you start collecting your dog's shed coat now, since if they are like my guys, the fur is already starting to fly! The best way to store shed fur is in a pillowcase or other fabric bag, though a ziplock bag that isn't tightly closed will also work for a short period of time. Be sure to pick out any burrs or other debris (known as vegetable matter or VM) and make sure the fur is fully dry before bagging it.  If you don't collect enough fur, or your dog's coat isn't long enough, don't worry,  we can blend it with wool before spinning. Don't worry about washing it - we will wash our yarn after it's spun, or our projects when they are finished.

We have dates and prices!

     Washing - $30, $25 for members - price includes fiber and scour

     June 18th, 7:30
     June 28th 6:30

Carding and Combing - $50, $45 for members -

     price includes tools needed for carding and combing

(If you have your own equipment or want to come use ours, on site only, the cost is $30)
      July 15th 7:15
      July 18th 6:30

Spinning - $30, $25 for members - price includes  a drop spindle

       August 15th - 6:30
       August 19th - 7:15

Weaving - $35, $30 for members - price includes the loan of a loom  through Oct 31 and yarn for warping.

       Looms may be purchased for an additional $20. You provide any yarn desired beyond what we have spun (You may want to add color).
        September 19th - 6:30
        September 23rd - 7:15

Time to start preparing for some Spring classes!

Join us to try out the new, relaxing craze of Zentangle. Our first class was such a fun success that we are going to do a new project most months month.
After attending your orientation you may need to begin your play in a moderated session. 
Classes sponsored by the center will be offered at a discount to members.

Zentangle Classes

All new members must attend an orientation before they go to any play sessions. We will schedule an orientation with you when you sign up!

We will be offering a variety of classes, available to both members and the public.