Full members can reserve half of the play room for up to 1 hour play sessions with specific other members, up to 3 days ahead!

GDAs are an opportunity to proof your training in a guided experience. Activities may range from group walks through the neighborhood to dog square dancing - and more.

GDAs are scheduled for Saturdays - May 2, 16, and 23 at 2:30. May 2 and 16 will be free and members only. After that, they will be going to a single session or "punch card" style purchase plan. Members will have discounted prices on both plans.

Guided Dog Activities

Wed April 22, 4:00-5:00

Fri May 8, 4:00
Wed May 13, 3:30
Saturday May 23, 4:00
Wed May 27, 7:30

Moderated Playtimes

‚ÄčFrancis Avenue Community Center

Want to set up a private play date for your dog?

The place for people with pets!

1007 W Francis Avenue  Spokane, WA
(509) 315-5135
Moderated play times are a great way to begin! A trainer will be there to interpret the dogs' body language and help you to determine what is a red, yellow, or green light behavior.

We will be offering a variety of dog events, including monitored play sessions, physical activities, and skills and confidence improvement sessions.